Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Max man

oh boyfriend why oh why are you growing so fast!! Last night as I came to bed you had once again snuck into my spot. At first I was kind of annoyed but then I just sat there and stared at you sleeping all sprawled out with no shirt on because you are a "big boy" now. As I looked at your little body that streak of panic I get when I realize you kids are growing too fast hit me again. Where is all your chubby baby fat? why are you so long? Why do you have a little boy body now and what happened  to your baby body??? I wish life could slow down for just a little bit. Promise me you will always be my buddy!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ya gotta love the differences between boys and girls...

Mia: MOM I wake up and I dreamed about rainbows, and unicorns, candy, and Santa it make me so happy!!!

Max: Mom Ben said a toilet word attached to a gun word. (in a tattle voice)
Mom: well what did he say?
Max: he called me a fart gun.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

REAL...Soccer and cousins!

We had never been to one of these games before and it was a blast. It was the perfect summer night, we were sitting by the loud obnoxious band, and I was with the coolest people I know!

Family Pics

In July the Banks family was actually all in the same state at the same time! Yep that's right every single one of us including our newest little addition Miss Ruby Mae. We were so excited to all be together and see each other. Jus and Ers had lined up one of their photographer friends to actually catch this miraculous moment! We finally got family photos!! After the pictures we all headed to my ma's for some food and chatting and then to a REAL game. It was fun to be together and to catch up on each others lives. My favorite thing though is watching all of the little kids run and play together. Even the babies, they all love their cousins!

3 of my favorite things

Madi...Max..and Mia my most three favorite things EVER!

 Max, loves, his cougs, anything with super powers, his daddy, action figures, Where the Wild Things Are, dancing, karate, fishing, the dollar store, snuggling, and really good stories!!

 Mia adores, shoes, lipstick, purses, skirts, her baby Ruby, pillow pets, miss kitty kitty, Tangled, her big girl back pack, Max and Madi, being snuggled and or read to, the "temple" song, and getting her way.

Madi LOVES, miss piggy, anything gold and sparkly, any of mama's clothes, drawing, painting, coloring, cutting, gluing, makeup, press on nails, anything with locks, mom's phone/headphones, dancing ballet and tap, those blasted pink shorts, and playing any pretend game that she is either the boss, the teacher, the mom, or just in charge!!

My first grader

 Do I really have a first grader? Oh my goodness I can not believe how fast time flies! I am not going to lie First grade was harder for me to say goodbye then kindergarten!! My baby is gone ALL DAY LONG!! for the rest of her life!!! So weird! Yet so exciting!! Madi was sooooo excited for school to start. She loves riding the bus, playing with her friends, recess, art class, and P.E. This year she was especially excited for eating lunch at school! This girl had no fear, she was awake at 6:00 AM just waiting to get on the bus. She has adjusted so well, however Max and Mia are missing her terribly. The other day as we were driving down the street Mia said out of the blue, "Mama I miss my Madi. I miss my Madi" over and over again! We love and miss our little first grader and it is killing us as we watch her grow into this adorable little lady!

Alex, starts preschool

Alex has started preschool and absolutely loves it.Who is Alex you say??? You know the cute blue eyed guy that lives with us formerly known as Maximus...yes that is right Max has gone ahead and changed his name. It is now Alexander but you can call him Alex for short. Who is this kid??? He has informed everyone he comes into contact with that his new name is Alex!!! Where did he come from?? It is so hilarious!! So Matt and I have started to call him Alex in hopes that this is just a phase and soon he will realize how cool and tough his name actually is! I love this kid he is such a crack up! He is doing preschool with me and a few other mom's and it has been absolutely wonderful! He LOVES learning and loves to ask questions about anything and everything! He is starting to read and memorize several sight words and he thinks that is the coolest thing in the world!  He still is my crazy boy but he has calmed down so much and enjoys just snuggling me for quiet times or jumping on my lap to give me a big wet kiss and telling me he loves me!