Sunday, September 11, 2011

3 of my favorite things

Madi...Max..and Mia my most three favorite things EVER!

 Max, loves, his cougs, anything with super powers, his daddy, action figures, Where the Wild Things Are, dancing, karate, fishing, the dollar store, snuggling, and really good stories!!

 Mia adores, shoes, lipstick, purses, skirts, her baby Ruby, pillow pets, miss kitty kitty, Tangled, her big girl back pack, Max and Madi, being snuggled and or read to, the "temple" song, and getting her way.

Madi LOVES, miss piggy, anything gold and sparkly, any of mama's clothes, drawing, painting, coloring, cutting, gluing, makeup, press on nails, anything with locks, mom's phone/headphones, dancing ballet and tap, those blasted pink shorts, and playing any pretend game that she is either the boss, the teacher, the mom, or just in charge!!


Grandma chewy said...

How cute are these pictures??? They are your kids exactly! Love em! I can't believe you made that bean bag...Bran it's darling. You MISSY are getting dang good!

Justin said...

Those are great pictures Brandi. Love the kids. Go ahead and send them out this direction.

The Boise Banks said...

Ashley too loves anything that belongs to mom -- clothes, shoes, bras (yes), makeup, books, PURSE, everything in the purse, etc. AND pillow pets! It looks like Ashley and Mia could start their own pillow pet zoo!!!