Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alex, starts preschool

Alex has started preschool and absolutely loves it.Who is Alex you say??? You know the cute blue eyed guy that lives with us formerly known as Maximus...yes that is right Max has gone ahead and changed his name. It is now Alexander but you can call him Alex for short. Who is this kid??? He has informed everyone he comes into contact with that his new name is Alex!!! Where did he come from?? It is so hilarious!! So Matt and I have started to call him Alex in hopes that this is just a phase and soon he will realize how cool and tough his name actually is! I love this kid he is such a crack up! He is doing preschool with me and a few other mom's and it has been absolutely wonderful! He LOVES learning and loves to ask questions about anything and everything! He is starting to read and memorize several sight words and he thinks that is the coolest thing in the world!  He still is my crazy boy but he has calmed down so much and enjoys just snuggling me for quiet times or jumping on my lap to give me a big wet kiss and telling me he loves me!